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Malt-O-Meal® Social Media Community and Food Donation


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Malt-O-Meal Company donated over 20 million servings of cereal to people in need through organizations like Second Harvest Heartland ® in 2009.  In an effort to address the growing issue of hunger in America, Malt-O-Meal Co. has positioned its core values around providing quality cereal products at an affordable price, while giving back the communities where they do business.  To keep in line with these family and community-oriented values, Malt-O-Meal has been using both traditional and non-traditional communications to help stimulate an effort to close the growing gap between food donation and those in need of food programs Nationwide.

Corporate food donation programs are widely relied upon by local food shelves and National food distribution centers to meet the needs of the growing numbers of Americans who require supplemental food services. According to a recent study, as the need for food donations continues to rise in the US, the number food donations has decreased in past years. This recent phenomena can be attributed to economic downturn, increased price of food, high unemployment rates and other socioeconomic factors. While many companies make a concentrated internal effort to meet their food donation goals, Malt-O-Meal has also taken their efforts outside company walls and into Social Media channels to make a bigger impact.

Social Media tools like Twitter® and Facebook® are online communication tools used by consumers to share information via a network of online communities comprised of their respective Friends and Followers. These clever tools also enable consumers to engage directly with participating products and brands they use or admire online.  Malt-O-Meal has a growing Social Media community that has helped the Company spread donation messages resulting in 100’s of thousands of cereal donations in 2009 through programs like Million Bowls.

On March 15th, 2010 Malt-O-Meal enlisted the help of well-known bloggers and their respective online communities to chat online about ways to fight hunger in America. Using popular social media platform, Twitter the hosts asked questions meant to discover new ways to help share news about food donation programs, and to gain access to people using Twittter who are interested in making food donations across America. The conversation was lively and the discussion topics revealing. Over 3,000 Twitter messages were generated by participants during this short, hour-long discussion. To put that number in perspective, this Malt-O-Meal discussion was a trending topic on Twitter on point with topics like Haiti and the Winter Olympics during that hour. Malt-O-Meal plans to use the information discovered during this online chat event to help structure future Company food donation programs. You can follow their progress or join in the discussion with Malt-O-Meal online using Social Media.

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