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“Redundability” Is A Winning Reason to Bag The Box™


Putting a bag of cereal inside of a box makes about as much sense as putting pants on over shorts or wearing two MP3 players at the same time. That’s the central theme of the Bag The Box™ video contest’s grand prize winning entry, titled “Redundability.” Joe Dunlap of Ohio won an electric bicycle for his hilariously relevant depiction of common sense packaging.

Coming in second place was Elvina Beck of Los Angeles. Her spoken word narrative called “Evolution of Box to Bag” lyrically chronicles the many reasons that buying Malt-O-Meal® cereal in bags is not only better for the environment*, but smarter in general. Justin Thomas of Salt Lake City, Utah won third prize with his “Cereal Factory Tour” that features great acting as well as a great message.

Contest entrants were given the artistic challenge of creating a video that told its viewers what “75% Less Packaging. 100% Smarter.™” means to them. A panel of judges selected these winners after viewing the more than fifty entries received.  Prizes included an electric bike, an iPad™ and an HD Flip Cam™.

Malt-O-Meal congratulates all the winners and consumers who are 100% smarter every day.

Putting cereal in a bag, then into a box? That's a symptom of "Redundability."

Putting cereal in a bag, then into a box? That’s a symptom of “Redundability.”

*75% less packaging based on the net weight of empty consumer packaging per pound of cereal delivered. Even when their box size is smaller, the net weight of their box and empty inner bag is still greater than the net weight of the larger Malt-O-Meal bag when empty.