About the MOM Cereal Crew

At this time, the program capacity for MOM Cereal Crew is full, and we are no longer accepting applications. We will re-open the application when space becomes available. Thanks!

Do you love Malt-O-Meal cereal? Lucky for you, MOM loves moms (and all of our fans), and we’ve created an entire ambassador program for people like you – no influencer status necessary.

What is it?

The MOM Cereal Crew is a community of people who like great tasting cereal for their family at an even better value — they’ve got it in the bag!

How does the program work?

Once you’ve completed the sign-up information below, we will review your application. Selected ambassadors will receive welcome mail with free and discounted Malt-O-Meal product coupons.

Ambassadors will engage in the MOM Cereal Crew private Facebook group and be asked to post monthly about Malt-O-Meal. Each month coupons will be sent for you to use or give to your friends/family/followers to try. You must post the month prior to receive coupons the following month. To stay in the program, remain active (post at least once very 4 months).

There will be monthly challenges announced in the private Facebook group that will put you in contest for MOM of the Month. The winners will receive great prizes (gift cards, swag, cereal, and more!) and be featured on Malt-O-Meal social channels.

What’s in it for me?

• Free and discounted Malt-O-Meal products
• A community of awesome moms and MOM fans
• Chances to win great prizes and swag
• Insider information on product launches
• Exposure on Malt-O-Meal social channels